Fearless Marathoners Rock Boston With Pride

BOOM! Something just exploded. I randomly imagined a drunk college kid pushing a piano off a building before it dropped on the ground shattering in pieces as I just walked past a frat party five minutes ago.

Yes, that must be it!

I ignored and just walked forward. However, what I didn’t know was that this bomb-like sound would change the history of my beloved Beantown forever. It was not just stupid things those Hangover weirdos pull off.

Indeed, it was the Terrorism. Whoever was in Boston last year would remember getting phone calls or text messages from people across the country/ continent. Although the city was shut down for few days and the suspect was caught within a week, our emotional scar has not been fully recovered.

Nothing is ever going to go back to the normal!

I myself was scared.

I was left with fear of the unknown and the possibility that random serial bomber would show up.

Yesterday I thought, maybe, just maybe, the Boston Marathon would fail.Who would have a gut to go out and risk their life. It could be the first and the most unsuccessful year since 1897.


Everyone who came out today and cheer the runners across their 26.2 miles journey has proved that BOSTON is STRONGER than ever.





Nothing beats a  sunny spring day with warm  breeze and hundred thousands(or millions?) fierce and supportive spectators across the 26.2 miles journey.


Just a mile before the finish line, this marathoner decides to stop, enjoy and APPRECIATE the outpouring of love and support.


 For a second, I thought I was lost in Europe. Newbury turns into a walking street with performers around the world.

I’m happy to celebrate my last Boston Marathon with my friends and witness how strong Boston is. Biggest bonus is, of course, to donate breast cancer charity and to see a guy with an uncomfortable bra LOL.

IMG_5075That’s why I decide to spend the next 52 weeks to prep for London Marathon 2015!!!! (This is going to happen!!!!)

How about you? Have you done a marathon? Any pearl of wisdom



Kick-Butt Running to Be a Marathoner!

No issue is the hottest and trending topics in the Beantown than Boston Marathon. We all know that it is mainly because of the unfortunately tragedy that happened last year, which gave us a ride to emotional and mental roller coaster. Still, marathoners across the world  are coming to this upcoming event!

Fierce and Undefeatable!


This is truly Admirable! 

Inspired by these marathoners, I wish I could run like them (Urggg… at least for now). It is on the top of my bucket list! I will do it some time, some day, I don’t know when, but HEY I’m definitely doing this in the future!

So, what does it take to run a marathon? It is surely not all about the physical strength, but mentally strength. I remember back in high school when I did cross-country for the first time.

Three miles, 40 minutes, almost faint, almost give up and  barely move my legs after the run!  It’s not just like regular jogging: no IPod allowed. It’s all about self-control and high self-motivation!

So, how am I going to prep for this?

First, find my motivation. Yes, I love running but that’s not enough!

What do you think of Marathon? For me, the first thing that pops up in my head is not those firm, athletic, muscular marathoners, but it is them, those mister and misses from  The Biggest Loser.



If the Biggest Loser candidates can do it, why can’t I?

Second, I need a training! I need to set a benchmark: starting from 15 to 20, 20 to 25 and 25 to 30 miles a day!

This is why my goal for today is running for 15 miles. It may be just a few miles short from the real marathon (yeah 11.2 miles) with a 2-hour gym playlist on my iPhone  and 5 mins break now and then. But HEY I”M TRYING.

Believe me, before the end of the summer I am going to run at least 26 miles in ease!


For Bostonian, you can use this Charles River Running Map to begin planning for your next run.



For all the wanna-be marathoner like me, I think this information might be a better guide for you



For some inspiration, watch Run, Fatboy, Run .


For professional advice, you should definitely check what REI is saying about Marathons: How to Train for Your First One



And for the non-marathoner, there are also reasons why you shouldn’t run. Just check out this article 26 Reasons Not To Run A Marathon.


Who else wants to be a marathoner like me? Hopefully, I am not the only one. 🙂







I Hate Body Image Issues

Who doesn’t love watching an annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion. Guys LOVE it and some girls love it. Hot, sexy and gorgeous models, over-the-top costumes, beat-up music. This shows seems to satisfy everybody, except some girls. Do you know why? Honest Slogan has the answer


So many of my friends compare themselves with those beautiful angels. Why do we do that though? The answer is simple, easy, obvious. We are having a never-ending battle with our body image. It is hard to love our body when we look up to those ideal models and celebrities.


My question is “ are you tired?”


Tired of being not having the perfect body.


Tired of dreaming to have chop-stick body when obviously you don’t have

that body structure.


Tired of knowing that this ideal body is impossible but still strive for it.


Who else is tired? Who else need a break from pushing and pressuring yourself? It’s time to take a break, sit and relax and enjoy doing whatever make you happy.


To gain your body positivity, here are videos that can help you regain your confidence and remind you of your natural beauty. You should definitely check them out



My favorite quote today


How about you? Have you struggle with body image issues? 🙂


Say Bye to Food Coma

What is the side effect of overwhelming yourself with loads of food reviews and photos before you are arriving at your dinning destination? It gives you the power to be the food expert and to be that “person” who has power to decide what the group is having. However, with every power comes great responsibility ! If you are not careful enough, you are getting everyone into a FOOD TRAP!

Because you see and know everything, you want to order EVERYTHING. Like 4 giant dishes for 2 people or 5 dishes for 3 people, excluding appetizer and dessert. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I am known as a girl who order wayyyy toooo muccchhhh and never finish what she orders. It’s just that I want to taste everything that looks dangerously delicious and especially food that I can’t cook it at home (which literally means every dish).

So, what should I do with the leftover food on my plate?. I share it before it becomes obvious that it is leftover! And that’s another great happiness of being a food expert because your food is scrumptious and absolutely sinful, most of my friends are willing to help you eat it.

Even if eating more will make their stomach feel hella sick, they just can’t stop eating. Sometimes I ask my friends too many questions while we are eating, instead of telling me to stop, my friends with their mouth full of food would stare at me like, “Shut up and just ducking eat your dish or else I would it for you!


What happens to them afterward? FOOD COMA! LOL





So how can you prevent your friends food overeating! Here is the effective ways for me to overcome Food COMA:

  1. Ask your friends to help you– before you are about to eat, tell your friend to help you by warning you if you seem to be eating too much. Your friends should ask  you kindly to stop eating, BUT if it does not work, give a permission to call you, “Fat Bitch,” “Big Ass” or Liposuction-needed Girl.” The worst one would be “no wonder why you have a bf.” Believe me people will drop their spoon immediately.


  • Have some healthy snack before eating out so that you are not starving. Many people overeat because they feel starved.


(Photos taken from healthysnackblog.com)

  • Telling your self to eat more slowly because it takes time for our stomach the food and our body to realize that we are full already. This will help you eat less)


  • Thinking about how long you have to sweat off to burn those extra calorie



But if it is too late! just go hide and take a nap (this way, nobody can judge you) and make sure it will not happen again next time!

What others tips do you usually do to overcome food coma? Let’s share 🙂




Burn More Calorie With the Same Routine

How to maximize your workout? Run longer? More push-up?

NOOOO I’m not doing that! I believe that people should exercise regularly, meaning that you shouldn’t spend 3-4 hours of exercise every day. If you are not an athlete, you are crazy to do that. Who has time for that? I have a life (like I need to sleep, eat, go to class, do homework and, most importantly, lie down on my bed being lazy).

So, what can you do to make sure that you can burn more than you usually while doing the same activities you regularly do.

Here are the products that I have been using to help me stay fit, fitter and fittest

1) Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt  (Sold at Amazon for $12.98)




Let’s just say I own at least three of these. Although it might feel a little bit awkward to wear it at first, but this belt works. It makes your belly sweat off. Don’t expect to lose 2-3 inches of your belly fat within the first few days, but the great thing is that it definitely makes you feel like you lose tons of fat around your belly after your intense workout.


2) Everlast PVC Sauna Suit




Speaking of astronaut, I have always wanted to be one. But since I am both scared of height and speed (yeah, 40mph of driving is enough), there is no way I could be one. But, this suit certainly makes me feel like one. Yes, It’s ducking ugly and I would never wear it at the gym, this awkward sauna suit heat up my body so fast that within 30 minutes, I could feel a waterfall on the ends of the pants.


3) Weighted Sports Hula Hoop for weight loss (Sold at Amazon for $42.83)


Buy this! I’m not their salesperson, but I love this hula-hoop. At least two of my aunts stole it from me (not really, it’s more like my mom forced me to give it to them). Anyway, this is my favorite exercising tool. You can use it when you use your phone, watch TV (better than being a potato couch), or you can even read a book (this is not weird, right?). It hurts the first ten minutes, but if you survive that, you can do it for as long as you can.


4. Fitbitz

Last but not least, get this one.


You don’t have to change your lifestyle, but this will help you make a wiser and healthier choice. I have been using it for almost a week and so far, this has helped me make a better choice such as taking a bus or walking, eating muffin or cookie (oops!). Anyway, this will help stay updated on your exercise


Do you know any other exercise equipments that can speed up metabolism and help burn more calorie? If you do, let’s share. 🙂


Running Like a Cheetah in the Central Park

Hello Sunshine! I thought I would never see you again! This brutally cold winter was ridiculously very super duper long and boring (no outdoor activities for a tropical girl like me for a while). It made me question myself 100,000,000 times. Why! why? why the heck did I choose to live in Boston? I could have laid down on the beach sunbathing in Thailand, instead I had to put layers of  dark Michelin winter jackets, which basically turned me into a black shapeless snowgirl. (Hate it!)

So, when the week of beautiful springtime come true (Hoorah! finally), without a doubt, I rushed to the world famous Central Park to appreciate this wonder of nature, feel the cool breeze, breath the fresh air (200m from pollution), expose myself to vitamin D and run like a free cheetah (fast and furious[totally not me])Meow!!!

Central Park Map


The map looks tiny, doesn’t it? But indeed, it is not!! The whole length of the running trail can go up to 7 miles. Hell yeah I want to do this! Heck No! I don’t think I could. As much as I want to kick my ass and prepare myself for a marathon (which I doubt it will ever happens), I am too tired for the whole course partially because it could be time-consuming (ahem … excuse).

Surprisingly, I was not the one and only early bird there. There were at least 5,542 runners at the park by the time I got there (I’m not exaggerating). Apparently, they were finishing the Run For Life 4m Race. Heck no! I was there at 8:30am and they were almost finish the whole race, Only if I had known earlier, I DEFINITELY would have joined the race. Maybe, if you wanna run too, you can search more info on NYRR site.

Although I love running along Charles River, the serenity of some isolated areas, verdant surroundings and the excitement of observing lively weird/normal NYC people make this running experience much more fun. I love seeing old couples running together with a jock right next to them, a kid riding a bike after his intense daddy who leaves them behind, off-leash dogs running and wandering freely. This is definitely one of my favorite place in the world to just relax and ignore the rest of my noisy city life.

Ok well, let’s look at what I see at this park early in the morning…







I would highly recommend anyone who visits NYC to come run here. I know that packing running gears might seem like a tiresome activity. But it definitely worthes the effort.

Most importantly, by running here, I have a good excuses to gorge myself with more delicious NYC-style cuisine.(Ooppps!)

Also, a much as I enjoy running at the Central Park, it’s time for me to go back to my beloved BEANTOWN.




Serious Munching in NYC

All my friends know that I am a restaurant hunter and a joy-filled eater, who appreciates the taste of  sweet and savory food. I could spend hours on Yelp, Zagat and Opentable to search for a new restaurant for a typical night out  with my friends. Therefore, my one-clear favorite thing to do in NYC this weekend , which I would never ever never miss out, is exploring Manhattan restaurants and gorging myself for the next three days.

But since I have promised (not really) to eat more consciously and living healthier, I promise myself this time that I would avoid having food coma. For the record, I had it three times in Chicago and five times in Las Vegas. This is my Mission Possible for this week! (hard to do, but I will try)

After five hours of researching where to eat and following my NYC buddies, I have decided to visit these restaurants.

Aurora Soho

IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4954

Not a big fan of pasta, but I’m loving every bite of this green pasta. Deliziosa!




I’m addicted to PB and nut. With the healthy greek yogurt, one bite gives a heaven in my mouth.


Waffle and Dinges


My sweet spot at the Central Park. Nothing beats the crisp, fluffy Belgian waffle in the morning.

 Peter Luger 

IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_4961


It has been named “The Best Steak in NYC” for 30 years in a row according to Zagat. What else do you need to know?

Mast Brother


Shout out to dark chocolate lover, this is your paradise!

Sushi of Gari 46


I don’t love/hate this traditional sushi. I kinda wanna go back to my scorpion roll.

Spot Dessert


Don’t be surprised to have this fancy-looking dessert at the food court!



The best cookie in the world (of course, according to me). I love every bite! Definitely a MUST-GO!

Cafe Orlin



Worth every calorie!!



 Thought it was a fried chicken spot because of its name! I’m glad it is not because its dessert delight is irresistible!

OMG, I just realize what a fat ass. These are just a few things I have eaten over the weekend.

Surprisingly, let me tell you, I did it. I did not have a single food coma (I think I might sweat from resisting these delicious temptations). I know it seems like I eat a lot, but this is for SHARE! At the same time, I have eaten my way to my happiness.



(Credit: http://www.thankyourbody.com/)

How about you? Have you been to NYC? Where is your favorite restaurants?