Serious Munching in NYC

All my friends know that I am a restaurant hunter and a joy-filled eater, who appreciates the taste of  sweet and savory food. I could spend hours on Yelp, Zagat and Opentable to search for a new restaurant for a typical night out  with my friends. Therefore, my one-clear favorite thing to do in NYC this weekend , which I would never ever never miss out, is exploring Manhattan restaurants and gorging myself for the next three days.

But since I have promised (not really) to eat more consciously and living healthier, I promise myself this time that I would avoid having food coma. For the record, I had it three times in Chicago and five times in Las Vegas. This is my Mission Possible for this week! (hard to do, but I will try)

After five hours of researching where to eat and following my NYC buddies, I have decided to visit these restaurants.

Aurora Soho

IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4954

Not a big fan of pasta, but I’m loving every bite of this green pasta. Deliziosa!




I’m addicted to PB and nut. With the healthy greek yogurt, one bite gives a heaven in my mouth.


Waffle and Dinges


My sweet spot at the Central Park. Nothing beats the crisp, fluffy Belgian waffle in the morning.

 Peter Luger 

IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4960 IMG_4961


It has been named “The Best Steak in NYC” for 30 years in a row according to Zagat. What else do you need to know?

Mast Brother


Shout out to dark chocolate lover, this is your paradise!

Sushi of Gari 46


I don’t love/hate this traditional sushi. I kinda wanna go back to my scorpion roll.

Spot Dessert


Don’t be surprised to have this fancy-looking dessert at the food court!



The best cookie in the world (of course, according to me). I love every bite! Definitely a MUST-GO!

Cafe Orlin



Worth every calorie!!



 Thought it was a fried chicken spot because of its name! I’m glad it is not because its dessert delight is irresistible!

OMG, I just realize what a fat ass. These are just a few things I have eaten over the weekend.

Surprisingly, let me tell you, I did it. I did not have a single food coma (I think I might sweat from resisting these delicious temptations). I know it seems like I eat a lot, but this is for SHARE! At the same time, I have eaten my way to my happiness.




How about you? Have you been to NYC? Where is your favorite restaurants?



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