Running Like a Cheetah in the Central Park

Hello Sunshine! I thought I would never see you again! This brutally cold winter was ridiculously very super duper long and boring (no outdoor activities for a tropical girl like me for a while). It made me question myself 100,000,000 times. Why! why? why the heck did I choose to live in Boston? I could have laid down on the beach sunbathing in Thailand, instead I had to put layers of  dark Michelin winter jackets, which basically turned me into a black shapeless snowgirl. (Hate it!)

So, when the week of beautiful springtime come true (Hoorah! finally), without a doubt, I rushed to the world famous Central Park to appreciate this wonder of nature, feel the cool breeze, breath the fresh air (200m from pollution), expose myself to vitamin D and run like a free cheetah (fast and furious[totally not me])Meow!!!

Central Park Map


The map looks tiny, doesn’t it? But indeed, it is not!! The whole length of the running trail can go up to 7 miles. Hell yeah I want to do this! Heck No! I don’t think I could. As much as I want to kick my ass and prepare myself for a marathon (which I doubt it will ever happens), I am too tired for the whole course partially because it could be time-consuming (ahem … excuse).

Surprisingly, I was not the one and only early bird there. There were at least 5,542 runners at the park by the time I got there (I’m not exaggerating). Apparently, they were finishing the Run For Life 4m Race. Heck no! I was there at 8:30am and they were almost finish the whole race, Only if I had known earlier, I DEFINITELY would have joined the race. Maybe, if you wanna run too, you can search more info on NYRR site.

Although I love running along Charles River, the serenity of some isolated areas, verdant surroundings and the excitement of observing lively weird/normal NYC people make this running experience much more fun. I love seeing old couples running together with a jock right next to them, a kid riding a bike after his intense daddy who leaves them behind, off-leash dogs running and wandering freely. This is definitely one of my favorite place in the world to just relax and ignore the rest of my noisy city life.

Ok well, let’s look at what I see at this park early in the morning…







I would highly recommend anyone who visits NYC to come run here. I know that packing running gears might seem like a tiresome activity. But it definitely worthes the effort.

Most importantly, by running here, I have a good excuses to gorge myself with more delicious NYC-style cuisine.(Ooppps!)

Also, a much as I enjoy running at the Central Park, it’s time for me to go back to my beloved BEANTOWN.





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