Burn More Calorie With the Same Routine

How to maximize your workout? Run longer? More push-up?

NOOOO I’m not doing that! I believe that people should exercise regularly, meaning that you shouldn’t spend 3-4 hours of exercise every day. If you are not an athlete, you are crazy to do that. Who has time for that? I have a life (like I need to sleep, eat, go to class, do homework and, most importantly, lie down on my bed being lazy).

So, what can you do to make sure that you can burn more than you usually while doing the same activities you regularly do.

Here are the products that I have been using to help me stay fit, fitter and fittest

1) Danskin Waist Trimmer Belt  (Sold at Amazon for $12.98)




Let’s just say I own at least three of these. Although it might feel a little bit awkward to wear it at first, but this belt works. It makes your belly sweat off. Don’t expect to lose 2-3 inches of your belly fat within the first few days, but the great thing is that it definitely makes you feel like you lose tons of fat around your belly after your intense workout.


2) Everlast PVC Sauna Suit




Speaking of astronaut, I have always wanted to be one. But since I am both scared of height and speed (yeah, 40mph of driving is enough), there is no way I could be one. But, this suit certainly makes me feel like one. Yes, It’s ducking ugly and I would never wear it at the gym, this awkward sauna suit heat up my body so fast that within 30 minutes, I could feel a waterfall on the ends of the pants.


3) Weighted Sports Hula Hoop for weight loss (Sold at Amazon for $42.83)


Buy this! I’m not their salesperson, but I love this hula-hoop. At least two of my aunts stole it from me (not really, it’s more like my mom forced me to give it to them). Anyway, this is my favorite exercising tool. You can use it when you use your phone, watch TV (better than being a potato couch), or you can even read a book (this is not weird, right?). It hurts the first ten minutes, but if you survive that, you can do it for as long as you can.


4. Fitbitz

Last but not least, get this one.


You don’t have to change your lifestyle, but this will help you make a wiser and healthier choice. I have been using it for almost a week and so far, this has helped me make a better choice such as taking a bus or walking, eating muffin or cookie (oops!). Anyway, this will help stay updated on your exercise


Do you know any other exercise equipments that can speed up metabolism and help burn more calorie? If you do, let’s share. 🙂



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