Say Bye to Food Coma

What is the side effect of overwhelming yourself with loads of food reviews and photos before you are arriving at your dinning destination? It gives you the power to be the food expert and to be that “person” who has power to decide what the group is having. However, with every power comes great responsibility ! If you are not careful enough, you are getting everyone into a FOOD TRAP!

Because you see and know everything, you want to order EVERYTHING. Like 4 giant dishes for 2 people or 5 dishes for 3 people, excluding appetizer and dessert. This happens to me ALL THE TIME! I am known as a girl who order wayyyy toooo muccchhhh and never finish what she orders. It’s just that I want to taste everything that looks dangerously delicious and especially food that I can’t cook it at home (which literally means every dish).

So, what should I do with the leftover food on my plate?. I share it before it becomes obvious that it is leftover! And that’s another great happiness of being a food expert because your food is scrumptious and absolutely sinful, most of my friends are willing to help you eat it.

Even if eating more will make their stomach feel hella sick, they just can’t stop eating. Sometimes I ask my friends too many questions while we are eating, instead of telling me to stop, my friends with their mouth full of food would stare at me like, “Shut up and just ducking eat your dish or else I would it for you!


What happens to them afterward? FOOD COMA! LOL





So how can you prevent your friends food overeating! Here is the effective ways for me to overcome Food COMA:

  1. Ask your friends to help you– before you are about to eat, tell your friend to help you by warning you if you seem to be eating too much. Your friends should ask  you kindly to stop eating, BUT if it does not work, give a permission to call you, “Fat Bitch,” “Big Ass” or Liposuction-needed Girl.” The worst one would be “no wonder why you have a bf.” Believe me people will drop their spoon immediately.


  • Have some healthy snack before eating out so that you are not starving. Many people overeat because they feel starved.


(Photos taken from

  • Telling your self to eat more slowly because it takes time for our stomach the food and our body to realize that we are full already. This will help you eat less)


  • Thinking about how long you have to sweat off to burn those extra calorie



But if it is too late! just go hide and take a nap (this way, nobody can judge you) and make sure it will not happen again next time!

What others tips do you usually do to overcome food coma? Let’s share 🙂





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