I Hate Body Image Issues

Who doesn’t love watching an annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion. Guys LOVE it and some girls love it. Hot, sexy and gorgeous models, over-the-top costumes, beat-up music. This shows seems to satisfy everybody, except some girls. Do you know why? Honest Slogan has the answer


So many of my friends compare themselves with those beautiful angels. Why do we do that though? The answer is simple, easy, obvious. We are having a never-ending battle with our body image. It is hard to love our body when we look up to those ideal models and celebrities.


My question is “ are you tired?”


Tired of being not having the perfect body.


Tired of dreaming to have chop-stick body when obviously you don’t have

that body structure.


Tired of knowing that this ideal body is impossible but still strive for it.


Who else is tired? Who else need a break from pushing and pressuring yourself? It’s time to take a break, sit and relax and enjoy doing whatever make you happy.


To gain your body positivity, here are videos that can help you regain your confidence and remind you of your natural beauty. You should definitely check them out



My favorite quote today


How about you? Have you struggle with body image issues? 🙂



5 thoughts on “I Hate Body Image Issues

  1. I certainly did for many years as a younger woman. Now I am much more focused on being fit and healthy. Definitely it takes time to work through to that point.

    • Thank you for your support again, Sue! Yes, I have been struggling with this issues for the past 6 years. Believe it or not, the body image issue gets so much worse in Thailand. It’s been quite depressing to see how people judge you based on your look and to allow those comments to lower your self-esteem. Like you, I am trying my best to overcome this self-destructive issue. 🙂

      • I don’t want to be intrusive but from my own personal journey I would suggest that if the ‘destructive’ nature of the thoughts are affecting your health then it is important to get help to deal with the issues. Sometimes it is hard to step out of the vortex of the tornado without a helping hand. All the very best!

      • Totally Agree! It was quite awkward and embarrassing to confess my unhealthy eating habits and obsession with ideal body to at first, but luckily I have found a truly AMAZING support system. They have helped rescuing me from further stupid health-destructing. With more exercise and a goal to lead a happy healthy life, my life has become so much better. 🙂

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