Fearless Marathoners Rock Boston With Pride

BOOM! Something just exploded. I randomly imagined a drunk college kid pushing a piano off a building before it dropped on the ground shattering in pieces as I just walked past a frat party five minutes ago.

Yes, that must be it!

I ignored and just walked forward. However, what I didn’t know was that this bomb-like sound would change the history of my beloved Beantown forever. It was not just stupid things those Hangover weirdos pull off.

Indeed, it was the Terrorism. Whoever was in Boston last year would remember getting phone calls or text messages from people across the country/ continent. Although the city was shut down for few days and the suspect was caught within a week, our emotional scar has not been fully recovered.

Nothing is ever going to go back to the normal!

I myself was scared.

I was left with fear of the unknown and the possibility that random serial bomber would show up.

Yesterday I thought, maybe, just maybe, the Boston Marathon would fail.Who would have a gut to go out and risk their life. It could be the first and the most unsuccessful year since 1897.


Everyone who came out today and cheer the runners across their 26.2 miles journey has proved that BOSTON is STRONGER than ever.





Nothing beats a  sunny spring day with warm  breeze and hundred thousands(or millions?) fierce and supportive spectators across the 26.2 miles journey.


Just a mile before the finish line, this marathoner decides to stop, enjoy and APPRECIATE the outpouring of love and support.


 For a second, I thought I was lost in Europe. Newbury turns into a walking street with performers around the world.

I’m happy to celebrate my last Boston Marathon with my friends and witness how strong Boston is. Biggest bonus is, of course, to donate breast cancer charity and to see a guy with an uncomfortable bra LOL.

IMG_5075That’s why I decide to spend the next 52 weeks to prep for London Marathon 2015!!!! (This is going to happen!!!!)

How about you? Have you done a marathon? Any pearl of wisdom



8 thoughts on “Fearless Marathoners Rock Boston With Pride

  1. aww that was inspiring. I’m shaping my butt and belly, so hopefully we will see each other the next time you run :p

    • Yes!!! Please bring back your sick packs! We are definitely running together when we meet again in Thailand! I will search for a short-distance marathon event for us! Prepare yourself, Kawai Man. 🙂

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