About Me

Hey, I’m Pink.

 IMG_4782 (1)

I am a college student + grade-obsessed nerd + Thai fob+ shoes hoarder+ she-hulk + freak out maniac

Most importantly, I’m a food LOVER and exercise ADDICT.

My little problem is that my gluttonous eating habit is leading me toward becoming a bulimic… It just so happens that sometimes I secretly binge eating and purging, have an intense fear of Muffin top and ridiculously feel guilty if I eat three meals a day (crazy, right?).

Yes, I know this is very unhealthy and I’m f*cking sick of it. Luckily, I am just in the early stages of this eating disorder. Nothing is serious yet. No. Not at all.

Yes, I am that “average girl- calling-herself- fat” kinda girl. From outside, you probably won’t know this since I try to act so confident that it seems like I don’t give a  dam* about the whole world.

Still,  I dislike my body and desire to fit into the skinny Asian stereotypes (Yes, I want that chopstick body).

But this has to STOP! I am not making myself sick for this sh*t.

From Now On…

I am going to destroy this mental and physical illness.

No more guilt. No more fear. No more fighting with my body.

Because I am going to be my kind of FABULOUS.

I am going to take on a happier and healthier diet journey.

And, this time, I am going to enjoy every part of it!


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