Creamy Detox Drink: Blue Print, Suja or Jus by Julie?

Have I told you that I look like a roasted pig at my high school graduation? Not only I got sunburned from the rafting trip with my schoolmates a few days before the graduation (DUMB idea), but I also gained few (10) extra pounds every meal was a farewell meal (the saddest thing about being an international student).

Now that’s my college graduation is approaching, I promised myself not to make the same mistake and maintain the healthy weight so that I can look my best on my graduation photos, which my parents of course will immediately sent to hundreds of their friends.


The only problem is how am I going to stop myself from eating too much unnecessary-fat drinks such as Taiwanese bubble tea, milkshakes and beer float. What these three drink have in common is its flavor and richness.


In a search for healthier options, I choose three cleanse from these three nutritional juice cleanse companies that can satisfy your appetite while controlling making a healthy choice:


Blue Print Cleanse: Cashew Milk ($11.99)





  • Blue Print now offers an over-night delivery at your door step.

Suja: Vanilla Cloud ($8.99)





  •  Detoxinista has also tried Suja drinks before, you should definitely check her review.

Jus By Julie: Not So Chunky ($8.00)





Have you tried any of these juices? And which one is your favorite?



Rescue My Bound-to-Explode Tummy with 7-Days Detox

I love food, but there comes a point when my desire for eating fades away (I can’t even believe this!). After two consecutive weeks of overindulging steaks, fries and milkshakes and making unhealthy food choices, my stomach had reached its bound-to-explode period. My not-very-flattering tummy had gone at least double in its size and I could  feel a little bump of  my baby fat. (you know this when your stomach inflates like a balloon)

This is why I decided to rejuvenate my body with 7-day detox. It was the week of NO EXCUSE. I decided to cut meat, dairy and carb products out of my system.

Finally, after hoarding Victoria’s Secret brochures, I finally put it into good use. Not that I didn’t like Miranda Kerr, but Bitch! I planned to kick my butt and compete with your damn hot body.(seriously,I am talking about 7 DAYS, not even two weeks!)

I needed some source of an inspiration to push me through the past starving week. Some people want sweet motivational words, but I don’t. I needed someone who can be harsh on me, criticize, push and kick my ass. I even beg my friends to call me “FAT ASS” every time I get close to my fridge.

I followed Joe Cross’ 3-Day Weekend Juice Cleanse very strictly.

Fantastically, I survive! I didn’t die from starvation. After all, 7-day detox was not so bad. But I would not consider doing anytime soon!

Here is the photos of the cleanse I had to endure:

1)Breakfast Juice [Carrot Apple Ginger Juice]


-I have tried this before and it is definitely one of my favorite. Once extracting the juice, the color of soft orange whet my appetite. I know from the ingredients that this cleanse is bound-to-be-delicious! And I was RIGHT! The sweetness freshens up your morning with the heat of ginger kicks in after a few seconds. [score 9/10]

2)Mid Morning Juice [Mean Green Juice]



-You won’t probably believe me but this is super duper yummy. Once I sip and savor its taste, I completely forgot that raw cucumbers and celery stalks are in it. The sweetness of green apple obviously stands out (yes with just 2 apples). This juice is so healthy that when I’m drinking this, I just couldn’t stop thinking about my dream body! [score 8/10]

3)Lunch Juice [Gazpazo Juice]


-Confession#1: I abhor, hate and disgust this cleanse. Tomatoes makes it too sour. Onion and bell pepper make the smell too strong. The combination of everything makes this experience horrifying. Luckily, this is not my morning drink; otherwise, I would quit from Day1. [score 1/10]

-Confession#2: I drink it just once (I skipped this for 6days straight)

4)Afternoon Snack Juice [Citrus Inspired Green Juice]


(Urgg, I forgot to take a photo. I borrow this one from littlecookinthebigcity)

-This juice tastes neither terrible or terrific; it’s just another easy-to-forget drink. Indeed, I don’t really know how whether I like or dislike it. It sounds boring, doesn’t it? [score 5/10]

5)Pre-dinner [Sunset blend Juice]


(Sorry, I forgot to take a photo, too. I borrow this photo from itsbecauseithinktoomuch)

-Look at it, this juice looks horrifying. Root beets turns this drink completely in purple. I have shared most of this with my friends and they all like the sweet taste from sweet potato and of course, I hate the smell of bell pepper again. Therefore, a loser like me decide to throw away bell peppers and use everything else in the recipe. The result is fantastic. [score 7/10]


In the end, I’m glad I did this. Hopefully, I would shed some pounds from spring break, but who on earth will know. (I have never weigh myself for over two years! PHOBIA alerts!). I definitely feel fresher, lighter and leaner and most importantly, I am happier with the way my body feels.

I would encourage everyone who has never done detox to try this out and if you ever need some advice/consult, please tell me. I would be happy to help and motivate.










Time for Vegas, Babe!

What do you do when you turn 21? You go to Sin City, baby. There are many things to be done here from gambling, going to strip clubs (I don’t know about guys, but I go to Chipendales and let’s me tell you something is burning HOTZZZ there.), watching Cirque du Soleui and clubbing until the sun shining bright into your eyes.

Yes, this spring break has been tough for me physically because of all the yolo night-out and having little self-control on Blackjack. But overall, it has been an amazing experience here.

But one thing that I ain’t gamble with is going to the right restaurant. These are four of the best restaurants I had visited in Vegas. You should definitely check them out!



This restaurant serves the most amazing food in Vegas. The only problem is I rush through the meal in an hour because my girls and I are going to Chipendales.

Wicked Spoon


Eating-until-your-tummies-explode should be the name of this buffet. They serve too much food that I have harder time choosing what to eat than playing Candy Crush on Level 150s.(Yeah. I’m kinda suck.)

Mon Ami Gabi


The restaurant is set cross the street from Bellagio and there is nothing better to do than sipping wine while watching the fountain water dancing along with Celine Dion’s My Heart Will Go On.

Jean Philippe Patisserie


If you are broke and sick of gambling (which I doubt), this boutique is your next destination. Their sorbet, crepes, chocolate and pastries are breathtaking, delicious, fancy and worth every calorie. Believe me you never want to miss this!

I am going back to Vegas again this summer? Do you guys know where else I should explore? 🙂

Shape Up With Groupon Deal (Extra 20% Discount)!!!

Groupon is offering 20% DISCOUNT for its local deals! If this does not get your attention, I don’t know what does. Listen up all Bostonians, I have selected the few amazing deals that you would definitely want to check them out!

 The Ring:

The ring

Say bye to the treadmill, it’s time to sweat off like a heavyweight CHAMPIONS. This exercise is super intense. You have no time to slack. It’s time to punch, punch, punch until you sweat til you sweat no more! (Get pump with “We are the Champion” )

Normally, an annual member pay $139 a month. Now you can pay less than $5 a class.



An effortless way to detox! You don’t even have to move to get it. You can have these cleanses delivered to your home. Not only is it so freakin’ convenient, but the juice cleanse also tastes GREAT. No… there’s more…..You don’t even have to control your sweet tooth (even though you should) because this deal comes with organic CHOCOLATE Muffin.

Wai Kru:

wai kruThai Boxing? This is the real HardCore exercise! You will learn to KICK and PUNCH. I have tried Thai Boxing back in Thailand and seriously, it took me about five minutes to lay on the floor with smudgy mascara (Of course, what a dumb idea…).


z spot

Shake it babe! It’s time to dance and get real sexy. Shake your ass and your booties. Time to hit the floor with Latinnnzzz moves.

Karma Yoga Studios:


Sometimes taking a break from physically-challenging exercise is exactly what you deserve. It’s time for you to breath-in and breath-out and let your body, mind and spirit glow.

Boston-Pole Fitness:


The HARDEST exercise ever. Pole dancing requires arm and leg muscles. If you have neither of those (like me), get ready to have a real tough time. But once you hit it off, you will enjoy this sexiest/sassiest way to burn down your calories!

So, which one are you interested? Hopefully this will help you shape up from spring break or prepare for Boston’s Restaurant Week.

Chicago is My Eating Paradise….

Problem with having a cheat weekend is that I tend to indulge as much tasty food as possible. This problem becomes more severe when I am in Chicago, the heaven of what-I-call “FAT AMERICAN FOOD.” Right when I step into this unhealthy nirvana, I threw away my calorie counting mind and got rid of my knowledge in nutrition. I know that I deserve a break from healthy lifestyle because I went to intense boxing classes for 5 days straight for the preparation of filling my tummy with greasy fat food.

When I’m talking about cheating food, I’m not talking about regular burger or milkshake. I’m talking about melted blue cheese on fresh-cut French fries, caramelized popcorn with roasted pecan and cinnamon with caramelized apple on top of gigantic pancakes (which is bigger than my head) with cheese omelet and Nutella crepe on the side. You are right! This sounds disgusting, but at the same time, this is incredibly DELICIOUS.

But no worry every fat counts! Everything I put into my mouth needs to worth the fat I get.

Within three days, I went to Blackbird, Girl and the Goat,  Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf and Walker Bros Original Pancake House and let me tell you, I didn’t hold back at all. I got food coma almost all the time when I was there, but that doesn’t stop me from eating. My stage of food coma is my inability to response to any activity, except staring blankly at the wall for at least 2 hours (It’s like my system got shut down by food overload).

These are the samples of food I order had during the trip.


(Bone Marrow at Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf)


(Short Rib Stroganoff at Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf)


(Cream Spinach at Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf)


(Diver Scallop at Girl& The Goat)


(Dutch Baby Pancake at Walker Bros Original Pancake House)

Why am I doing this to myself when I know I am going to complain a lot? Because I am in my 20s. If I don’t eat this damn food right now, when on earth am I going to eat this without thinking about cholesterol, high blood sugar and fat percentage in my body? At least for this week. I really plan to hit the gym again after this trip (hopefully).

Who else have taken a break from your healthy diet? Anyone loves fat American food like I do? 🙂

Happily Racing on a Treadmill

Why do people like treadmill? If you like it because it keeps you from being a potato couch while allowing you to watch your favorite TV shows, you are just like me. Treadmill is one of the greatest inventions since I don’t need to do anything: hop on a machine, click “start” and change level of intensity and I’m good to go.

BUT, running on a treadmill is SO BORING! Sometimes, I even feel like I have turned into a mouse because treadmill is a human version of a running wheel.


 So, I have come up with ways to keep myself entertain while making sure that I still get adrenaline rush.
 Here are my tips:

  • Watching funny video: Laughing while running is the best medicine for boredom. Not only I am getting toned and lean legs, but also I am working on my abs (yes, by laughing). Many times I get caught up in the action and the miles just fly away.  Anyway, check out these videos and add them on your YouTube playlist:
  • Find a BITCH to run with: I know this is not a marathon but I like to compete with whoever is running next to me. If she is on level 6, mine will be on 7. Be intense. Be competitive and I know I will win this race.
  • Image(Source:
  • Finding a good playlist: My favorite song for this season is Happy by Pharrell Williams. I don’t know why but every time I hear this song, it just got me sooooo excited. Last time, I watch Around the world in different versions of ‘Happy’ and I just can’t happier.
  • Imagine your beach body: I sometimes take a photo of my tummy and set it in front of me. Believe me, no photo will kick your ass as much as this one. Look at it and think of how I can get rid of those extra fat.

But after all, this effort is totally worth it! 

What about you? How do you make your treadmill session fun? 

My Stomach is Roaring for Ginger.

I was going to eat my favorite strawberry Philadelphia cream cheese at midnight, but right before I opened my fat mouth to swallow those crispy, golden brown slices of bread with that sinfully delicious pastel pink cream cheese.

Guesss what? God forbid me! I think of this blog.

I hear a voice whispering to my ears saying “Pink, let it go, control yourself and just go back to sleep.” But my stomach BETRAYS me as it is grouching uncontrollably as if there is a grumpy bitchy kid with a horrifying voice shouting in it.

I can’t go back to sleep. Nothing can control my growling stomach. I wish there is some device or just something that turn it on and off, like the TV remote control or you know just something.

People don’t typically go back to sleep with their stomach empty (at least I don’t) because if they don’t eat right now, their empty stomach might as well keep them awake for the whole night and crave for more sweet. Like last time when I woke up at three and ran like a wildebeest to my kitchen and ate a toasted Nutella sandwich in the dark (of course, no one knows that.pshh…...)

I, at least, need to eat something, something that will satisfy my ravenous appetite while allowing me to eat mindfully.

So, what do I do? I drink my leftover detox juice I made for dinner. For the most nutritious values, I know I should have drunken it right after extracting the juice. But seriously, I’m not going to eat that for dinner. Dinner is for real food, not detox juice. Especially, with those fresh gingers! I just hate them. I don’t understand why this ginger taste so good in a sushi bar.

Anyway, for my first experiment I borrow the Carrot-Kale Combo recipe from Joe Cross, yeah that inspirational used-to-be fat guy who turned his life around in his documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.


Oopsie.. I actually forget to buy spinach…. But it’s okay…. I’m taking baby steps toward being a healthy geek.


Of course,I don’t have any fancy glasses, except Samuel Adams one… The life of college student.

To be honest, it is not as awful as I thought it would be. Perhaps it might be because I put too much apples in it to make it taste less gingery and more appleyy…. When I sips it the sweetness of fresh apple juice hit me right away, but then spicy bite of lots of fresh ginger kicked in and burned my throat.

I drank a shot of Tobacco before but this ginger is another level. (Maybe it’s just me)

According to, I basically just drink a glass of over 500% Vitamin A, which is an excellent source for a treatment for acne, other skin conditions, healthy vision and healthy immune system. I can’t wait for my skin to grow (yeah, I want a fast result!)

One thing that I don’t understand is how you can get over 100 percent of vitamin? Anyone wants to help explain this to a new health explorer?

Oh! By the way, don’t forget to give this juice a try. I think you will LOVE it.